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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Express Shuttle?

Express Shuttle provide you 24 /7 friendly and comfortable travel to and from Auckland Airport and city suburbs that too at a price up to 45% cheaper than a taxi. Imagine how stressful it could be when you arrive at Auckland Airport at late hrs. or in bad weather and you can't  find  any quick and economical transport to Your Home. But if you have booked with Express Shuttle, you can feel  relaxed because we would monitor your flight, your friendly Express Shuttle driver would meet and greet  you right at the airport inside arrival hall with your name board ,under all weather conditions and round the clock.

Do you pick up and drop off too many passengers on the way?

We are offering you very competitive shared ride prices. In some cases we may have to do another pick up or drop off on the way or in your area , But we do maximum of two Pick up/drop off in the same vehicle & that too if it fall within time slot of half an hour to your travel time. Under  such circumstances  you would be  pre-informed to make 10-15 minute adjustment in your pick up time. But we make sure you reach on time and have a comfortable ride. However, if you want, can ask for exclusive ride at Exclusive prices.


How safe are your Shuttles, I am alone and coming late hours?

Our shuttles are quite safe, All our drivers have to pass through police check before they can drive our vehicles. All drivers are highly skilled and professional and know to value your time and privacy. Secondly, we do not pick up hails (unknown passengers on the way). Who soever would travel in our shuttles, have to be pre-booked and his personal details, like, name, phone no, address or email address etc. are held by  company atleast for a short period after travel. Therefore, you can be rest assured about your safe travel with Express Shuttle.


Do I need to pay extra for my baggage?

Prices includes transportation of one check in  suitcase and one hand bag each adult  and hand bag each child. Excess or oversize baggage like, Surf board , Skates, Pram, Bike or Golf bag may be charged extra, therefore, please inform about excess baggage at the time of booking so that we could provide you right size vehicle for your safe and comfortable travel.

What if my flight is Delayed

No problem , We generally monitor your flight but there are instances when we cant get update. If your are getting delayed or your flight is being changed then you get the information first therefore , we request you to pass on the information to us asap so that we could schedule  your pick accordingly.


How do I find you when I land in Auckland?

We offer pre-booked services. When you arrive into arrival hall, your friendly driver would meet and greet you in Arrival Hall with Your name Board and escort you to the vehicle and can also help you to transfer your luggage to the Vehicle park closed to the door.

At International airport, when you come out of customs, in Arrival hall, look at your sharp left under Kiosk , PRE-BOOKED TRANSPORT

At Domestic Airport our driver meets and Greet you near Check in Luggage pick up area.

If you miss the sign then Please call +642102195095

What if we are traveling with infants?

Infants need car seat to travel in vehicle in NZ. Please inform while booking, if you need a car seat we can provide one.

How many people can travel in your vehicle at a time?

We have a fleet of vehicles with different seating capacity and can provide you number of vehicles as per your need.

Can I book entire vehicle for my family, friends or colleagues?

Yes, Exclusive service is also available at Exclusive fare. Pick Service option EXCLUSIVE

Can I book shuttle for my friend or relative?

Yes, if you can provide us their correct arrival or departure informations.
In case you can't get their complete informations then you can send our website address which is  '" to them so that they can book themselves and have an idea of our other services we are providing, which could be helpful to them on arrival in Auckland. 

What if I land in Auckland and want to be dropped off in another city?

Yes, we can drop you to your destination city in north island . We have shared service to HAMILTON, ROTORUA, MATAMATA, and TAURANGA, For other cities Please ask for exclusive booking prices.

In case you can't get answer to your question then please submit your question in the form below, we would try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Have a nice Travel

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